Best Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Why Does The Average Forex Trading Strategy Lose Money?

In this market, one country’s currency is exchanged for that of another at a fixed price. The long answer: because I wasn’t prepared, and my emotional control was way below the required standards, and because I couldn’t stick with a trading plan long enough to make it count, because I got too entrapped and unglued myself from the normal life (yes, those guys with eyes almost closed, walking like zombies, I was one of them).

Mark Boardman is part-time trader – and although he might not have the fame, nor the stature of some of the other authors on our list his book The Forex Set & Forget Profit System” is well worth the read, however, it will be of more benefit if you already have a good understanding of Forex trading.

This restriction is referred to as a Loyalty Offer” which sounds better, yet in reality a bonus restricts your account to a trading volume requirement that is usually much higher than the deposit amount, locking your funds with the broker until you satisfy the condition.

As the name of the game with Forex trading is VOLATILITY and also 80% of all professions do not last more than 2-3 days, with the large bulk of them being day trades, it is easy to accept that conditions can and also will certainly transform in a heartbeat, making most trade strategies obsolete.

I have read most of it, but I would recommend another must read; I think it was one of the best books I have ever came across called Master the Markets – Taking a Professional Approach to Trading & Investing by Using Volume Spread Analysis” by Tom Williams.

Let me be clear here, any openminded person will read my post and agree with the points i mentioned there and i would have pasted my demo account result here except that print screen function on my laptop is not responding to show that you don’t have to spend months let alone years to be a profitable Forex trader.

Seeing as our forex commentary (I’m currently in stocks, but used to be in forex) is available to both FXCM and Oanda forex traders at no cost (and by subscription to anyone who wants it otherwise), the idea that I’m biased toward the institutions is a complete joke.

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